Possibilities are Endless...

Just about any art can be converted into embroidered art.

AM Logo
AM Crest Logo
Asian Outdoors Logo
Embroidered Flower Art

Embroidered Art Applied.
Uniform with embroidered logo
Logo Applied on Uniform
Tote with Asian Outdoors Logo
Logo insert for Tote
Scarf with Embroidered Flower Art
Art Applied on Scarf
You can have custom patterns, textures, or embellishments to create your special design.

Patterned Fabric
Custom or Stock Pattern Art.
Example with Couching Stitch Technique
Decorative Couching.
Joining Stitch Technique
Decorative Joints.

Techniques Applied.
Mondrian Style Design Tote
Color Patterned Panels Applied on Tote.
Pouch with Joining Technique
Decorative Couching Joining Different Materials.
Coloful, glitzy, or subtle textures and design patterns can be created to make your gift "unik".

Pink Felted Technique
Wool Rovings Punched onto Felt.
Gold Felted Technique
Organza Punched onto Felt.
Green Felted Technique
Organza Covered Wool Roving.

Textures Applied.
Pink Felted Bag Example
Felted Panel Applied on Folio.
Black & Gold Felted Bag Example
Textured Panel Applied on Tote.
You can create custom uniforms or accessories by creating and apply your art or name.

Number Created with Applique Technique Custom Drawn Numbers for Sports.
Lettering created from Custom Font Script Font Converted to Embroidered Artwork.

Custom Letters and Numbers Applied.
Applique Technique applied to football uniforms Custom Numbers Applied on Football Jerseys.
Custom Lettering applied to Tote Lettering Applied on Tote.
With state-of-the-art software, ANY type style from my computer system can be converted into "embroidered" lettering. AND we have hundreds to choose from.

Classic Sans-Serif Style Dividing line
Avenir Font
Futura Font
Classic Serif Style
Century Font
Fenice Font
Classic Hybrid Style Line
Optima Font
Peignot Font
Distinctive Sans-Serif Style
Din Font
Classic Block Style
Rockwell Font
Classic Scripts
Script Font